Loans for new companies

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One disadvantage when creating a company is the difficulty when requesting loans for new companies. Here we will talk about the most used ways to obtain financing and to be able to take the project forward.

Can a company be financed with an online loan?

One of the biggest advantages of asking for a quick credit online, is the possibility of doing it without the need of big requirements. What does this mean? That in many occasions, the cause for which the loan is needed, can be any and valid, as well as for new companies, as for companies with antiquity or simply, without giving any kind of explanations.

You can ask for a credit online, even if it appears on a list of defaulters . What the amount of money that can be requested, generally decreases, if the person who requests it, is in this type of lists.

Get financing with a good idea.

You can not always use this form, but on specific dates, banks, companies or the government itself, creates initiatives for people who have great ideas of entrepreneurship . For this it is necessary to make a business plan and be able to present it digitally, with the most important and influential aspects, for the business. Lately the technological companies are very fashionable, but if your business is about any other topic, such as the field, the construction, a trade etc … It can also be one of the winners. Generally, it is valued that the business is viable / profitable.

Resort to platform investors.

You can use web pages, which describes how the new company that you want to finance will be, if it is a well-founded idea, you can possibly reach the desired goal. Pages of this type are called CrowdFunding platforms. You can give a percentage of the benefit in return, a gift or simply ask for donations, to start an investment for a good cause.

Resort to Business Angels.

Some companies or individuals have specialized in the search for entrepreneurs and ideas. They are called in this way. The “Business Angels” are responsible for studying each case they request and determine if they are profitable business ideas . Once they have given their approval, they carry out financing with different types of interest, depending on the company or professional that provides the liquidity. You have to be very careful with private lenders, in this website you can find information to avoid scams.

Use bank loans for new entrepreneurs.

A fairly logical and advisable, it is known that the requirements are greater than with online loans, but the interests in many cases may be less. It is also advisable to take advantage of specific promotions. Being new may also have more difficulties, however, in some professional sectors you can have more luck, the latter depends on each financial institution and the geographical area in which this company is located.

If you still are not sure about how to finance your new company, we recommend that you request the services of a specialized consultancy, professionals of the business sector or with people with experience, such as someone you know who is already self-employed.

Who are you?

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A few months ago, a very close friend, probably a little clumsy, asked me if “I was not ashamed to publicly share my emotions” . Of course, I was hurt on that one, just that you know, between ego and pride.

What shame would there be to express himself? Perhaps she was talking about the embarrassment of being read by strangers or “worse” by family or friends, colleagues or employers?

Do people finally need to know us really to love reading us? Do they need details to appreciate us for who we are or to want to discover more?

For a long time I felt this discomfort, this discomfort after having published an article here or on Instagram . For a long time there was something stuck in the mechanism of my writing work, in everything I wanted to convey, say or hide. For a long time I searched for words; corrected, erased, rectified my sentences. Often, I had to start all over again to change the meanings, the messages, the ideas. My ideas. Often, too, I admit, I have hoped that my father reads, that my spouse reads, that my mother reads, that these old friends of the past read all the rage or all the love I had to tell them without never speak. You only write for yourself when you like to talk about others.

Talking about love to others has always been difficult for me. However, I have never been modest or shy about my feelings, quite the contrary, I have always lived in emotional excess. I like or I hate, I stay where I pull myself, I forgive or I (t ‘) forget. And when I love then I give everything, everything I have and all that I am without ever counting, never expecting anything in return if it is not the eternity of a life together .

And I’m not ashamed to write. I’m not ashamed to be who I am.

Writing emotions is a dangerous, difficult and meticulous exercise. It requires a lot of hindsight, concentration, silence and courage. He learns patience and perseverance, daring and humility. Putting words on everything we are makes us better off right away. In writing, writing to them , I apologize and ask to be forgiven, I make plans on the comet, I dream and I recognize my mistakes, I hope and I dream again and again … To be confronted with even in front of a blank page is the most wonderful exercise ever . How many memories have I been able to revive in me with a simple pen … Good or bad, thanks to the writing, all are now marked by a final point – the one that allows us to catch our breath to go from there. ‘before.

Writing systematically puts an end to the compulsive thoughts that obsess us at night, when no one is ever available to listen to us.

To start writing, you have nothing to expect from yourself. Whether you are destroyed, rebuilding or becoming, there is no good time for your heart to break out in silence.

Always take care to keep some distance. With the things you will see that will make you mad or envy you. People often lie, you know? Even clowns can be unhappy behind their broad smile. Always think twice, three times before unveiling a particular passage in your life. If it has not given rise to any positive morality, keep it for yourself. Nowadays, people especially need to believe in beautiful things. E xagérez emotions – they are made for that; to be shared, distributed and depulped. Do not give too much at the beginning – as in any relationship, it all starts with trust. Build a bridge between you and others, never close the door. Make yourself air too, you’ll need it between two commas. Do not write to get subliminal messages to your loved ones – it will upset them. Write them letters or sms instead. Friends sometimes like to feel exclusive and still precious to your heart. Never confuse passion with obsession. Your family and friends will always have to come before – because a passion is above all a hobby supposed to give us pleasure and comfort after a hard day for example … And if you feel that you change; stop. Always go back to basics, your essentials – those who always wait for you at night for a last kiss, a last “I love you”.

Do it for yourself – the others, you know, will always have someone else in mind. Also beware of lesson givers, of those who always have an opinion on what you should do or think, of those who would see in you a double or a half that life would have forgotten to give them. Stay away from those who, to shine, extinguish others – those are the most vicious. Those will make collapse the bridge that you have put so much time to build …

It’s been 547 days that I write here and elsewhere and I do not know anything about you … And I want to know who you are, what do you dream of day and night? Who are the ones you like? What are your plans for tomorrow ? How did you land here and what is your favorite song and why this one.

And if you’re really there to read me, you’ll answer me, I’m sure. No, there is no good time for your heart to burst silently


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My mother always told me “you’re like a match, you light up as fast as you quit” to describe my legendary impatience. Oh mom, I was waiting for the gas can to explode and burn with love.

I thought I had everything to teach him, that it was only a link from Me to Her, from me the Adult to her Child , from the Experience to Carefree . Yet I have seen mothers become other women and fathers become men . All have changed, evolved to become better beings .

Like a kind of so-called “field therapy “, parenting makes us better. It shapes on the walls of our soul an impermeable shell to protect us from ourselves, from our excesses and from our transgressions. Those who then saw the glass only half empty, are then sucked into an emotional and sentimental spiral that will quickly make them different, changed, grown up. The love of a mother, of a father defies the laws of the understanding, reason and propriety. We will never be able to love our children enough because it is an endless story, the only love story we can never part with . Which we can never do without.

We do not make children to repair, fill, heal the gaps and needs that our parents have left. We do not make children either to fight against the passage of time and the painful memories that he knows so well to revive in us. We do not make children to heal.

Unconsciously, however, we know very well how to put words on what they bring us, what they have managed to change in us and on all that they have already taught us. Undeniably, they change our lives, upset our psychic mechanisms and bind all the little connectors damaged by our individual history. They build bridges on these used wires to borrow for a better life.

She is 21 months old and she has already taught me so much …


Do you believe in astrology? I do. I am a ram. A ram inveterate, assumed and proud. I am a horned animal, stubborn, stubborn, determined, sharp, energetic, sensitive, explosive, passionate, passionate. I am especially in love with everything, all the time. I always love too much but never very long or I like it but forever. Yet there is something that I have never been in excess: patient.

Younger, having to wait quickly made me annoyed or frustrated. With age and various experiences, I have nevertheless learned to go beyond the pejorative meaning of the term. I learned, with the time that impatience, my impatience had other explanations and could mean that I liked having control, a grip on things, time and the environment. Why ? It may be a question of camouflaging a deep lack of self-esteem, of self-confidence.

Being impatient, I still felt vibrations in the lower part of my belly and, in my heart pounding, euphoria and excitement were constant. She was my engine , she always took me out of my comfort zone , she kept my curiosity awake, she also made me distracted, she gave me wings and the desire to always want to change things, to go from there before, she was my energy at the realization of all my dreams, even the wildest.

Without her, I would never have known how to enjoy the pleasure of having waited for Chiara even in these dreams.

If motherhood is learned on the job, so is patience. When a defect or a quality engages only us, it is accommodated very quickly by often putting it on the account of a simple and common trait of character. With my child, it was always necessary to wait. A fragile and delicate wait , tender and delectable. To wait, to meet her, to wait to touch her, to feel her, to caress her, to touch her, to admire her.

I never expected to love him.

What then remains of stampings, butterflies in the belly and this irrepressible need to always want to control everything?

In my little garden, I have scattered the ashes of a life lived too intensely, to give too much without ever receiving, to love too much too much, too quickly, to want always more and always better for others – always for the other.

21 months later small flowers with fine thorns have grown. They are so small and discreet that it would be easy to crush them. People often do this when they do not pay attention to what surrounds them.

What else do I have to wait if it’s not a bus, the one that has to take me back to her every night? What do I have to hope if it is not a smile, a look, a gesture of his body to my body. What remains for me to desire except his happiness, a brother or a sister to smile at life with four mouths.

After the patience, what remains for me to learn by his side, if not to take more time for me. I would like to learn to pray to thank the sky for having kindly offered me one of its stars to illuminate my world, I would like to continue to love me well but for a long time – to love myself and then also those who will give it back to me without delay. Above all, I would like to learn to dance in the rain without being afraid to finish wet and always smiling in rainy days because a child always recognizes his mother to smile, and I want her to know that all those I wears on my lips, are born with her, a beautiful spring evening after a life spent waiting for her.

The best mobile APP for high school students

You start a new formative stage where you will face multiple challenges: individual or group work, practices, projects and exams. Organizing yourself properly is the key to successfully completing your studies.

Therefore, your mobile can be a great work tool to improve your educational performance, achieving better planning.

The best APP to promote your studies

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Simplemind will help you create your own mind maps. Very useful when it comes to organizing the phases of a project before starting, putting the ideas in order. In addition, you can create different very intuitive graphics.

Office Lens, the mobile scanner:

Microsoft’s Office Lens allows you to convert any paper document or even the notes of the teacher’s blackboard into a Word, Powerpoint or PDF file just by taking a picture. Improves the image, eliminating shadows and reflections to make it as readable as possible.


Generate bibliographies for your work easily with EasyBib . Appointments can be generated from the search engine or by scanning the barcode of the book directly with the mobile.

Key to Bachillerato VocApp:

Test your English level with Key to Baccalaureate VocApp , a tool with high school linguistic programming that will help you improve your language preparation.

Wolfram Alpha:

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Are you looking for something on Google and do not find what you need? Wolfram Alpha is a powerful search engine capable of finding the answer to any question . It covers different cultural themes and offers solutions to complex math problems.

Cal, your Calendar:

Cal is a very simple calendar to use thanks to its visual and intuitive interface that allows you to move from the weekly view to the full month with a single gesture. It is synchronized with another application such as Any.Do, to have all your tasks in the same place.

Evernote, much more than Notes:

Evernote is an application that allows you to manage your tasks, store your documents and create very complete notes. It also allows you to create task lists, add reminders, attach images or documents and even record voice notes. Without a doubt, a very practical and very complete application. Chapeau!

Alarmy, the alarm clock of the sleepers:

Deferring the alarm at intervals of 5 or 10 minutes is a classic for many people … and then the rush comes. If you have trouble getting out of bed every morning, Alarmy is your perfect alarm clock , or the most annoying, depending on how you look at it. To stop ringing, you will be forced to get out of bed to take a picture of a room in your house or solve a mathematical problem.

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Do you spend a lot of time on your mobile? Discover it with QualityTime ! This tool diagnoses how you use your mobile, how many times you unlock the device, how you are using the apps and the time you have dedicated to each one. It will allow you to schedule personalized rest periods (without notifications, blocked calls, etc.), create usage alerts, exclude apps from the registry … You decide how you want to use your mobile!





We help you take off your professional future

Do you need financial help to be able to take off your professional future?

At the EUSA University Center we offer you the “EUSA Help” scholarships to collaborate with your training and to continue enjoying a unique training experience in Europe, which will turn you into a different professional, connected to the reality of the business world and adapted to the needs what the labor market demands.

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What requirements do I need to be able to access the aid?

  • To be enrolled, at least, of 30 credits of the Degree Program in the Campus of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, being exempt from the sum of credits those subjects validated or recognized within the current regulatory regulations.
  • Having requested, in the case of complying with the indicated requirements and with due diligence, the aid for the study convened by the Ministry of Education, Junta de Andalucía and Universidad de Sevilla. In case of not having requested the aforementioned aids, or having carried out the process of requesting said aids incorrectly.

How does the amount of study aid vary?

The amount of these grants will vary depending on different scales such as: the amount that is allocated by the Commission of Grants for study in the Campus of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, the type of exemption that applies to each case or the variation in the budgets of the established aid fund.

When will I know the resolution?

The beneficiaries of study grants will be known before March 31, 2019.

Next, we attach the necessary documents to be able to carry out the entire process of requesting help for the study, as well as the general bases of the call where you can see all the details of it.

Finally, if you still have any questions or do not know how to formalize the application process correctly, do not hesitate to come to the Secretariat of our Campus.





Launch your professional future with the Campus of the Chamber of Seville

Seville has the only university campus of a Chamber of Commerce in Spain and Europe , with more than 90,000 internships and more than 75,000 trained professionals. The training is designed assessing the needs of companies and connecting with the world of work , implementing a global approach with the most innovative tools, which leads to getting students to become the best professionals.

alumnos riendo en campus

This is the methodology of the Training Campus of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville that presents a unique training experience in Europe recognized worldwide , giving added values ​​to the professional profiles of students.

A Campus that highlights the link between the Official University Degrees and the Higher and Dual Vocational Training Cycles with the business world , with more than 500 collaborating companies and entrepreneurship and employability programs, which promote the labor insertion of students who are trained annually of EUSA and New Professions .

Places in Official University Degrees + Specializations

The EUSA University Center is one of the Communication Campus referents in Andalusia with more students enrolled in the Official University Degrees of Journalism , Advertising , Audiovisual Communication and the Double Degree in Communication and Journalism , in addition to the Official Tourism Degree .

University Degrees that have the TItulación of the University of Seville and Professional Specializations of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville in the most requested professional profiles in the labor market, such as: Digital Journalism, Graphic Design, Digital Communication, 3D Animation and Visual Effects, Investigative Journalism and Drones Projection.

A training that holds the international prestige of the Chamber of Commerce worldwide, as well as bilingual and international programs, with the aim of achieving global professionals capable of facing any job challenge with total guarantee.

Training in Tourism, the sector that generates the most employment

The Tourism Sector continues to set records in Andalusia and Spain , demanding more and more qualified professionals to face new challenges in the sector. Therefore, the Campus of the Chamber also offers the Degree of Tourism and Dual and Higher Education in Tourism , taught by professors with extensive experience to ensure that students become the best professionals in a booming sector.

Last Places in FP Superior and Dual

The FP New Professions Center of the Campus of the Chamber offers 19 higher and dual training cycles with Official Title, Internships in Companies and Job Opportunities , of which the last positions in Early Childhood Education , Tourism , Teaching and Socio-sportive Animation , Administration and Finance remain , Sound and Image, Audiovisual Production, Development of Web Applications, Marketing and Advertising and Management of Commercial Spaces and Sales.

A training campus that hosts more than 300 conferences and annual seminars with businessmen and professionals, where the networking, talent and uniqueness of each student of the Center becomes the main axis thanks to the Cross-skills and Skills Workshops, applying the tools and most innovative technology.





Talk of Orientation for Families: The Experience is Worth a Degree

After the success of the VI Family Orientation Day in February, we are launching a new orientation day that takes place on September 6 at 7:30 p.m. on the EUSA Campus (next to the San Bernardo Station in Seville).

Orientation is the key to professional success. Therefore, it is essential that students and their parents receive it, in order to make the best decision for the future of their children. For this reason, we organized the academic and professional orientation talk ‘The Experience is worth a Grade’ .

A day where the keys of the academic system will be explained, their access and preregistration , court notes , what to do in case of not being able to get a place in university studies by the quickest way, how to request places in the various awards, system connections educational, information and interpretation of the professional market, … so you can help your children in the process of choosing their studies.

We help you guide your child!

Register in this form to attend the free chat ‘The Experience is worth a Grade’ or through the phone numbers 954 23 87 97/687 40 29 63 :

I accept the legal bases Leave this field blank, please.

Eduardo Ramírez

“An absolutely recommended talk about academic guidance and professional guidance. He made us see the need to enhance capacities and competencies different from those that make up the school curricula, which will mark the true situation of the student in the labor market “

José Carlos Hernández

“A talk that not only has solved the doubts we had, but have confirmed that the choice we make, regarding the future of our son, is the best possible option “

María José Pérez Márquez

“A magnificent, clear, direct and passionate talk . The generational difference with our children, makes many parents have an information out of date educational systems. I attended with my daughter and three classmates and they cleared us many doubts. The boys lost their fear of the Selectivity, they knew other exits in case of not getting a note “

Silvia López

“I congratulate you because not only do you try to guide, but also we were able to perceive clearly, what is involved and the follow-up that you make of the students to train them as great professionals”

Choosing the most complete educational itinerary and the most appropriate teaching center for your child is a determining factor for your future and your work projection. Much of your success will depend on where you have been trained as a professional , so we want to share some keys to take into account when choosing the training center in which to develop the training and professional career.

Referent in Academic and Professional Orientation in Western Andalusia

The Orientation Department of the Training Campus of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville (EUSA Center and New Professions), with more than 150 annual academic guidance talks and 35,000 guidance guides delivered annually, more than 15,000 students advised in our department, collaborates actively in the decision process of students for their academic and work future.





What do I do if I do not have the grade I need for the degree I want to study?

The 1st list of award of university places has come out and … Have you not obtained the position in the university degree that you requested? Do not get to the cut note and do not know very well what to do? Do not worry, we tell you all the possibilities and alternatives!

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1. Look at other options of the Degree that you are passionate about

If you have not achieved a place in the degree that you are passionate about in Phase I, look for other similar options . For example, the affiliated centers are University Centers linked to Official Universities , such as the EUSA university center that is attached to the University of Seville. Therefore, students will get the official university degree.

In addition, the Attached Centers tend to offer more complete, innovative and global training programs , since they are more connected to the labor market .

To enroll in an Associated Center, you only have to apply for the Plaza during the University Pre-enrollment Phase in the Andalusian Unified District. Once you have the place, you only have to register. The advantage is that you can access the Official Degrees with the approved University.

If you pre-registered in the first phase in an affiliated center, in July you can formalize your registration. If you did not pre-register in the first phase to an affiliated center there is no problem, you can apply for your place in the following awards .

2. Wait for September

If you have not obtained a place in the 1st phase in a university degree, you can improve the access and admission qualifications and try it in the 2nd phase or extraordinary call . In Andalusia, the 2nd phase takes place from 21 to 24 September.

If the university career that you like is usually in high demand, you should bear in mind that all the places are offered in the 1st phase in most universities, so you will have to look for other alternatives such as the University Centers, such as the Center University EUSA.

3. Think of a Higher Cycle of FP

An alternative more and more used since during two years you specialize in a profession, you enter the labor market, you live your first professional experience and at the end of the Higher Cycle you can access the University , where you can validate at least 30 credits, equivalent to year of university studies, obtaining two degrees in just 5 years.

In fact, one in four students chooses to access the University from a Higher Cycle, instead of the conventional access route through the EvAU (Selectivity).

4. Enroll in your second request

If none of the options convinces you, you can register for your second or third request, if you have been admitted.

So you can still access the Degree you’re passionate about. If you decide to study at EUSA you can choose between five Official Degrees + Professional Specialization ( Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations , Audiovisual Communication , Tourism and Double Degree in Communication ).





Toñi Moreno presents an unforgettable Graduation Gala

Toñi Moreno presents an unforgettable Graduation Gala

The EUSA University Center lived another magical night to remember with the Act of Graduation 2018 where we said goodbye to the students of the Degrees in Audiovisual Communication , Journalism , Advertising and Public Relations and Tourism .

In an incomparable setting such as the Cartuja Center CITE , a modern and versatile multipurpose space of the latest technology with more than 33,000 m² and a unique acoustic system in Europe, EUSA lived its first Graduation Act in this auditorium. In addition, from the next academic year, the cycles of New Professions of Image and Sound will be located in this modern and technological space.

The Act was presented by journalist Toñi Moreno , currently host of Viva la Vida (Telecinco) and Gente Maravillosa (Canal Sur). Toñi started the Gala with an emotive and motivational speech for the 101 students who started their journey after four years of learning as professionals in the sector.

After that, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, Francisco Herrero, also dedicated some words and gave way to a video that the EUSA University Center carried out as a farewell and with a motivating message.

Once the video was finished, scholarships were handed out and later, the awarding of the Teaching Excellence awards to the following professors: Antonio Manfredi (Journalism), Concha Gil (Tourism), Miguel Romero (Publicity and PR) and especially Professor Jamie Scott after leaving us unfortunately a few months ago (Audiovisual Communication) . The students of each Degree prepared these speeches worthy of saving and remembering for the awards ceremony.





How to file a claim your 2018 EvAU exams?

If you do not agree with the grade you have obtained in EvAU #PEVAU, you can request a second revision and claim your exams from June 22 to June 26 .

First of all, you have to know that there are several issues prior to claiming your Selectivity exams so that you have options to improve the final grade.

Image result for filing a claim

The access note is weighted. 60% of the average of Baccalaureate is taken into account and 40% of the qualification obtained in the general phase of the PAU. But there is another note, that of admission, which depends on the two best grades achieved in the specific (voluntary) phase, after applying the corresponding weighting parameter.

It is essential to have an optimal qualification so that you can claim when you consider it necessary or if you decide to submit again to the tests to raise your grade of selectivity.

Steps to follow to claim your Selectivity exams

You have a period of three working days to claim the qualifications of the different phases, individual exams or the final grade. After this period, you will lose this right. Remember, the date starts on June 22!

To claim your exams there are two options : request a claim or a second correction. After the correction and claim process, the student has ten days to review the exam himself.

  1. Request a claim This process involves a check. The exam is not corrected, but it is confirmed that all the proposed exercises have been corrected, the qualifications of all have been added and they have been included in the documents corresponding to the official grade.
  2. Request a second correction . In this case, the test is corrected again, a task that falls on a specialist teacher “other than the one who corrected the exam the first time”. If there are more than two points of difference, says the Ministry, “it will be corrected by a third specialist.”

The examinations that in the second correction present a difference of two or more points with respect to the first qualification will pass to a Court that will make a third correction of the exercise. In this case, the final grade will be the average of the three corrections.

The result of the second correction may be, therefore, EQUAL, LOWER or SUPERIOR than the qualification initially obtained, which will entail the corresponding modification of the result of the access tests, as appropriate in each case.

The student may request a claim for some subjects and second correction for others. In the event that the student submits a Claim at the same time and requests a second correction of the same subject, only the Claim will be taken into account in it.

If you need academic guidance, the University and Higher Campus of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville guides you with Official University Degrees and Higher Training Cycles with personalized orientation sessions, where you can learn all the keys to study what you are passionate about and live your dream.